A Real-Life Horror Story: GMO Sweet Corn Coming to Your Grocery Store

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A Real-Life Horror Story: GMO Sweet Corn Coming to Your Grocery Store Empty A Real-Life Horror Story: GMO Sweet Corn Coming to Your Grocery Store

Post by I⊥∀NIW∩LLIʞ on Sat Mar 16, 2013 10:10 pm

Halloween has passed, but there’s likely still Halloween candy left over in your house.When I was a kid, there was one main rule applying to the holiday candy stash: I absolutely, positively could not eat any of my Halloween candy until it was properly inspected by the Candy Police (mom and dad). This drove me nuts. How on earth is a kid supposed to have the patience and discipline to hold off on digging into their stash until they get home hours later? My folks are the trusting type, but they didn’t want to take any chances that some misguided resident would do something dangerous to the candy they passed out to neighborhood children.

It seems like a simple but critical mantra to follow: always know what you’re eating. Unless, of course, some sneaky biotech company decides that we no longer have the right to know whether or not they slip something potentially dangerous into our food. Seems like quite a trick, doesn’t it? Say hello to genetically engineered sweet corn and Monsanto, the misguided company that wants to sneak their product into stores—and into your dinner—without labeling it.

In August 2011, Monsanto announced its intention to bring Roundup Ready GE sweet corn to our tables–its first genetically engineered sweet corn for human consumption—and the seed company is planning to begin growing the crop next year. And they mean business. By 2009, nearly all (93 percent) of the soybeans and four-fifths (80 percent) of the corn cultivated in the United States were grown from seeds covered by Monsanto patents, so you can imagine how quickly their GE sweet corn could spread throughout the marketplace.

source @ http://voices.rodale.com/a-real-life-horror-story-gmo-sweet-corn-coming-to-your-grocery-store/2011/11/01/


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